Saturday, 23 July 2016

Our last chance to stop Hinkley nuclear plant?

I received an email from Greenpeace yesterday following my signing of a petition against the proposed Hinkley nuclear power plant which is planned for the Somerset coast. To be honest, I am not sure that a government such as ours, one of whose first actions under their new PM was to scrap the Department for Energy and Climate Change, is going to make the Hinkley decision based on environmental reasons, but even the economics of this project aren't looking good from the UK's point of view. The plant will cost billions with no actual guarantee of real savings to British consumers when it is finally complete. The government has signed up to pay EDF a set price for electricity from Hinkley and they are stuck with paying that much even though the wholesale price is now lower. The difference will be made up with a subsidy. That means all taxpayers will end up subsidising EDF regardless of whose energy we actually use. I'm with Ecotricity - why can't I choose to have my proportion of the subsidy go to a wind or solar farm instead?! Plus, we will all pay the monetary and environmental costs of decades worth of nuclear waste. How is this a good deal for Britain?

Greenpeace said:

"Breaking news: UK newspapers are reporting that a decision on Hinkley nuclear plant will be made next week [1].

Hinkley is set to become the most expensive object on earth [2]. If it goes ahead, billions of pounds will be channelled into a nuclear plant which is shaping up to be a national embarrassment, when the money could otherwise be invested in safer, cheaper renewable energy.

Chancellor Hammond is already under huge pressure over Hinkley. Security analysts have warned against the project [3]. Energy experts have said building the nuclear plant will be the ‘worst ever’ deal [4]. And more than 100,000 of us have signed a huge petition calling for Hinkley to be scrapped.

If we can get our MPs to speak out at this crucial moment too, it could be enough to can Hinkley once and for all. Please urgently write to your MP and urge them to ask the new Chancellor to drop Hinkley nuclear plant.

Hinkley nuclear plant is already sent to cost billions. And following the Brexit vote, the cost looks set to soar even higher. Do we really want to splash out so much on Hinkley - a nuclear plant that's a decade away from producing electricity - when renewables can be rolled out much more quickly?

With clean, renewable power we also don’t face the costly and difficult question about what to do with radioactive waste. Experts estimate we could be dealing with nuclear waste from Hinkley for up to 200 years.

Please email your MP and tell them Hinkley is not wanted and not needed.

Thanks for taking part.

Greenpeace UK

4. "

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