Sunday, 5 June 2016

#WorldReads - five books from Australia

I love to read books by authors from around the world. This monthly WorldReads post will highlight books I have enjoyed and, hopefully, enable me to discover more. Feel welcome to Comment and link up your own WorldReads reviews. Last month I posted five French books. This month I am promoting Australian-written novels. The books' subjects are as widely spread across the globe as Australians themselves and also delve back into the history of white Australian settlement and to Celtic Britain.

Burial Rites by Hannah Kent

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Historical fiction set in 1820s Iceland, Burial Rites weaves its story around what is really known of the life of Agnes Magnusdottir - the last woman to be executed in Iceland. Hannah Kent has wonderfully researched her novel and her skill for evocative description allowed me to even feel the bitter cold!

The Unknown Terrorist by Richard Flanagan

Looking back at my 2014 review of The Unknown Terrorist, it seems as though I found the book good, but thought it could have been much better. Memories of this Sydney-based thriller have stayed with me though making a far longer-lasting impression than my words at the time would imply.

The Life And Loves Of Lena Gaunt by Tracy Farr

Farr's imagined life of the world's first theremin player is a lovely novel encompassing vibrant 1930s Sydney, small town New Zealand and quiet Cornwall. It is very much a book of sound and I was impressed by how convincingly Farr describes and portrays her world through acoustics.

The Secret River by Kate Grenville

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Set about two hundred years ago, The Secret River tells of the colonisation attempts of Wil and Sal, sent from destitution in London to a new life in New South Wales. They are desperate to improve themselves and their lot in life, but their ignorance and fear of the native population leads to destruction.

Skin by Ilka Tampke

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This blend of historical fiction and mystical fantasy wasn't quite my sort of read but I think it would appeal to YA and NA fans. Ailia lives on the outskirts of a Celtic-age community in a Britain when the Romans are about to invade. She is shunned because she doesn't know her ancestry, but magical occurrences help her to find her place and destiny.

I hope my post about these Australian books has encouraged you to try reading an Australian author's work. Next month WorldReads will be travelling to Canada. The bookshop links are affiliate link so, should you click through and make a purchase, I would receive a small commission payment.

You can join in my WorldReads Challenge at any time! Simply read 1 or more books from a different country each month, write a post about it/them, grab the button below and add it to your post. Don't forget to pop back here and Comment your link so I can visit!

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  1. Another Richard Flanagan book I've read and reviewed is his powerful WW2 novel about the Burma railway - The Narrow Road To The Deep North.

  2. I get stuck reading US or UK novels so thanks for sharing these! I would love to expand what countries I read books from. :D

    1. Thank you :-) I love exploring the world through books!
      I plan to keep this monthly series going and have already got a Canadian post prepped for the 5th July, then it's over to Italy on the 5th August. Hope you will enjoy the 'voyage'!

  3. Edith's Miscellany blog features a lovely Australian poem by Robert Richardson today. It's called Annette.