Monday, 13 June 2016

Top Five Etsy Finds - upcycled books

As an avid reader, I love books and, despite now reading
Insect Hotel by PopinjayCreates 
more on my Kindle Fire than I do in print, I do still prefer the feel of a 'real' paper book. It's always sad when a good book wears out from too much reading though so for my Top Five Finds this month I have scoured Etsy for ingenious ways to upcycle a book. Etsy artisans, of course, have a wealth of ideas!

First up is a simple and clever idea by Hermione at PopinjayCreates who are based in Norwich, Norfolk. Hermione decided to upcycle Ladybird children's books into Insect Hotels. I loved the idea of ladybirds potentially living in Ladybird books! We certainly need to do all we can to encourage and protect our garden insects so why not hang a couple of these hotels in your porch, shed or conservatory and see who moves in?
Ladybird Insect Hotels are for sale at £4.27 each plus shipping.

Fairytale Book Dress
by OshunOccasions 
A gorgeous Fairytale Book Dress dress for my second choice and I was absolutely amazed to realise that this outfit really is created from old books! Many techniques feature: twisting, curling, punching, folding and crimping and it took many, many hours to make! Twisted roses, layered daisies, curled strands of paper and die-cut butterflies all adorn this dress, which is made up of frilled and gathered paper. The bodice has woven paper at the front with book spines being like the boning of a corset. OshunOccasions, in Somerset, makes beautiful dresses with a bohemian faerie vibe and there are links to further information about this dress from its Etsy listing. Wouldn't it be just perfect for a literary-themed wedding, a publicity shoot or a convention costume?
The Fairytale Book Dress is for sale at £249.99 plus shipping.

If you have a new dress of course you are going to need a
Rebecca Bag by BagsyMeFirst 
new handbag to complement it, so how about this Daphne Du Maurier Rebecca Bag, one of an extensive selection created by Kate Lowe at BagsyMeFirst in Buckingham. The cover illustration is dark and atmospheric, offset by the gold foiled title in freehand script, and the lining fabric is a spookily good match for its wallpaper. The bag has new black resin handles and antiqued brass feet and will easily hold a purse and keys to the boathouse. There's an internal pocket for a mobile phone trimmed with ribbon, and a pocket for business cards trimmed with a tiny 'Made with love' charm.
The Rebecca Bag is for sale at £64.99 plus shipping.

The House By The Bridge by NoBookEndsUK 
Moving away from fashion now, I was so impressed by this House By The Bridge book sculpture created by Frenchman Stephane Godec at NoBookEndsUK in London. Another fairytale creation! Stephane has been upcycling books for about three years now creating items from greetings cards to elaborate sculptures such as this. He says he is simply inspired by his love of books and I think it is wonderful that they can have second lives in such beautiful forms.
The House By The Bridge is for sale at £120 plus shipping.

Simple elegance for my fifth and final choice and if you
Shakespeare Heart Garland by Bookity 
couldn't quite see yourself in That Dress but you would still like a literary element to your wedding or summer party, I think rows of these Shakespeare Heart Garlands could look stunning. Created by Lou at Bookity in London, the hearts are recycled from old and damaged editions of Shakespeare plays. Each heart is about 11cm (4 inches) across and eight are strung together on natural hessian twine to produce a three-yard-long garland.
Each garland is for sale at £19.93 plus shipping.

That's all my Etsy choices for this month and, as always, if you love something I've missed, feel welcome to pop a link in the Comments.  Click through the links to see more photographs of each item and learn about their creators. I have thoroughly enjoyed discovering just how many ways there are to reuse a book and hope you have too!

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  1. Thank you so much for including my book dress amongst such fabulous upcycled items. The dress did take ages to make, but it was a lot of fun!
    Helen x

    1. It's beautiful! If only I had somewhere to wear it ... !