Thursday, 5 May 2016

#WorldReads - five books from France

One of the things I love most about bookwormship is discovering different people, places and cultures from the comfort of my caravan. I find books written by authors from across the globe, many from countries I may never get to visit myself, and gain insights into life 'over there'. Last week I quickly surveyed how many non-British authors I have read and realised there are dozens representing forty-one countries. That inspired this series of posts. Each month I will pick a country and link to my reviews of five books from there. If you love others I've missed, let me know in the Comments!

I'm going to start pretty close to home by just sailing across La Manche to France. I enjoy the style of French novels and French cinema and had quite a few different titles from which I could choose. I've gone for a range of themes so hopefully there will be something here to inspire you to try reading a book from France:

Grey Souls by Philippe Claudel

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Philippe Claudel is one of my absolute favourite authors and I have chosen Grey Souls as my first suggested French book. The novel is set in a small town during World War One and has superbly evocative writing.

A Very Long Engagement by Sebastien Japrisot

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I saw and loved the Audrey Tautou film version of A Very Long Engagement years before I even realised that the book existed. Like Grey Souls, this is also a World War One novel, but much lighter in tone and with an uplifting ending.

The Panda Theory By Pascal Garnier

If you enjoy French noir as much as I do then The Panda Theory is absolutely the book for you. It is set in a small Breton village and examines how the locals are entranced and affected when a stranger named Gabriel comes to town. The Panda Theory was one of my Top Ten Books of 2015

George's Grand Tour by Caroline Vermalle

This is a fun and endearing look at aging and male friendship. George decides he wants a final adventure - to complete the 2008 Tour De France route and persuades his friend, Charles, to join him. However, both are rather too elderly for such a cycle journey and so decide that setting out in a Renault Scenic is their safest bet.

The Other One by Colette

A French classic for my final choice. Colette's short story is set in a time when affluent women often had no function other than to be pretty accessories to their husbands. Fanny's life is 'so dull' without husband Farou until she discovers his affair with his secretary.

I hope you have enjoyed discovering these French novels. Next month I am planning to 'travel' to Australia and remind myself of some books I have read from there.

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  1. My first Philippe Claudel book was the haunting Brodeck's Report - reviewed here

  2. The Red Notebook by Antoine Laurain is a beautiful quirky romance where a bookseller tries to find the owner of a lost handbag - review here

  3. I had to come check these out as well. ;)