Thursday, 26 May 2016

#ThrowbackThursday - where we were on this date in Mays past

For my second monthly #ThrowbackThursday feature, I
The People's Monarch
Photo courtesy of @eccn_news 
am taking today's date of the 26th May and revisiting blog posts published on the same date (or thereabouts) in years gone by. It's great having this reservoir of posts to click back through because my memory can be somewhat unreliable and we've done so much in the past few years! If you've been following me since 2012 then I hope you enjoy rediscovering these moments. If you're newer to Stephanie Jane then this is some of what you've missed out on!

On the 26th of May 2012 I blogged on Theatrical Eastbourne about The People's Monarch which was a giant photographic installation created by Helen Marshall to celebrate the Jubilee. It had opened at Eastbourne's Towner Gallery the day before and I got there early in the day to be one of the first visitors to see it!

One year later and I had just posted a letter booking us into
Our first caravan campsite 
our first ever caravanning campsite. We had just bought Bailey and were now going to spend a weekend in our very own caravan for the very first time! I was so excited! We're a bit blase about it all now, but I remember writing a list of everything we needed to do and check before setting off and upon arrival. It seemed incredibly complicated back then - and I still haven't completely got the hang of the jockey wheel. It usually needs to go a couple of turns further than the end of the pole. Checking the old links for this post, I don't think the Old Mill campsite is still open for touring caravans. Their website has been taken over by adverts and we've heard talk of only static parkhomes there now.

Orlando audiobook 
May the 24th in 2014 was a book review day and I posted about a trio of very different books. I had listened to the audiobook of Orlando by Virginia Woolf, and had read both Mysteries Of Mithra by Franz Cumont and Witness The Dead by Craig Robertson. Amazing transgender fiction, interesting religious history and a pretty dire thriller.

Mam Tor 
We were well into our UK summer tour by May 2015 and had pitched up in the gorgeous scenery of the Peak District. My blog post for the 25th of the month recounts our nine mile walk from Lose Hill to Mam Tor, one of the iconic Peak District routes. We shared our day with lots of other walkers which gave an unusual community feel to it - long distance walks usually result in us seeming to have the world to ourselves. It was a beautiful day and we treated ourselves to ice cream in Castleton at the end. Both Dave and I loved the Peak District and I definitely think we will return at some point for more superb walks.

That's all for this month's reminiscing. If you want to share your own #ThrowbackThursday posts, feel welcome to drop a link in the Comments. Next month I'll be remembering the 30th of Junes.


  1. I love the idea of this post, it's so fun to take a look back down memory lane! XO -Kim

    1. Thanks Kim! I enjoyed dusting off the old blog posts and reminiscing :-)