Saturday, 12 March 2016

Another successful KindleScout nomination and join me supporting a great literary Kickstarter

Hot on the heels of my previous successful KindleScout
nomination - The Three Deaths Of Magdalene Lynton by Katherine Hayton (update: book now received, my review here) - in February, I learned today that another of my nominated books has been chosen too. Congratulations to Steve Vernon for Kelpie Dreams! I am looking forward to reading the novel when it is published.

If you haven't discovered KindleScout yet, it is part of Amazon and is a way for never-before-published books to compete to be published by the corporation. Writers submit their novels then encourage their fans to nominate them. Books with the most nominations at the end of a thirty-day period get published and the readers who nominated them get a free copy as a thank you. There are a wide variety of titles on offer and I like being part of the process.

Across the web on Kickstarter I discovered this week that
an indie author I like has started up a campaign that looks like a fabulous idea. John Darryl Winston is the author of IA: Initiate and its sequel IA: Boss, both of which I enjoyed reading (the title links go to my reviews).

Now John is Kickstartering his Adopt An Author program which works with teachers to encourage literary enthusiasm in schools. "In practical terms, the program schedules classroom and/or whole school reads where students, teachers, and parents read the same book. During the read, students interact with the author in a virtual classroom" then "after the reading the author will pay a visit to the school and interact with the students in person." (I realise John probably won't visit European schools in person, but there's no reason the virtual classroom wouldn't work!) So if you're a teacher who wants in to this great idea, or a reader who is intrigued by the IA series, check out John's Kickstarter before it's too late!


  1. John Winston has just added some generous milestone incentives to his Kickstarter rewards. If you're an audiobook fan, you should definitely click through for a look!

  2. Yay!! John's Kickstarter campaign passed its target overnight so the Adopt An Author programme will definitely be going ahead! There's still about 15 hours left if you want to join in :-)

  3. My KindleScout copy of Kelpie Dreams has arrived today :-)


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