Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The @GreenpeaceUK anti-fracking campaign comes to Westminster

Do you remember the huge campaign against fracking in
Lancashire last year? The local council voted not to allow fracking companies into their county, but David Cameron's Tory government are set to ignore that decision.

Today, Greenpeace have brought the reality of fracking right to the doorsteps of those politicians. I received the following email from them this morning:

"As you read this, a team of Greenpeace volunteers are fracking Westminster. We've built a 10 metre high drill rig – and we’ve put it slap bang on the doorstep of Parliament in London. We've barricaded ourselves in. And we're planning to stay here all day.

 LIVE BLOG: We’ve fracked Westminster

Today we’re making ourselves clear: If government ministers think we'll quietly stand by while our towns and communities are put at risk from fracking, they've got another think coming. We don't need this dangerous and destructive industry. And we won't accept the sneaky tactics the government is using to force it on us. At the same time that we're bringing fracking to the heart of British politics, people on the front line are pushing back too. In Lancashire, where public opposition to fracking is overwhelming [1], it looks like government ministers could give the industry the go ahead -- even though the local council has already said no to drilling. If fracking firms get their way in Lancashire, it could fire the starting gun for a dash for gas across the UK. That's why it's vital we defend councils that block fracking -- and let government ministers know how much of a mistake they’re making if they try to force fracking on us against our will.

The fracking rig we've built today isn't real, but the threat the industry poses most certainly is. We must keep working to expose the risks -- and make sure Lancashire, Yorkshire, Sussex and everywhere else in between stays frack free. The good news is that when people learn the truth about fracking, their support for it immediately drops [2]. People power has kept fracking firms at bay in the UK for almost 5 years now, so let’s keep giving this everything we’ve got.

Thank you,

Richard, Greenpeace UK

1. https://www.foe.co.uk/news/14000-people-call-frack-free-lancashire
2. http://www.edie.net/news/10/DECC-survey-The-more-people-know-about-fracking-the-less-they-support-it/29710/

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