Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Easy nut roast recipe

Another of Dave's culinary brainwaves led to our delicious
Nut Roast 
dinner tonight. A previous suggestion, back in July, of giving tofu a try had led to that ingredient becoming a regular part of our dinner menu and, over the weekend, he remembered that he used to quite like eating Nut Roast. I know this dish only as a kind of cliche of 1970s and 1980s vegetarianism - all a bit Nuts In May - but have never actually eaten it myself so was keen to give it a try. We googled a few variations on the theme and eventually decided that The Vegan Society would know what they were talking about and their version looked the simplest for beginners! I halved all the ingredient quantities and this resulted in a generous sized Nut Roast for the two of us.


1/2 onion, diced
1 tbsp rapeseed oil plus a little extra for greasing
1 tsp Marmite (or another yeast extract!) dissolved in 75ml hot water
125g chopped mixed nuts
1 tbsp ground almonds
50g wholemeal breadcrumbs
1 tsp dried mixed herbs
Salt and pepper

We visited the Ceret branch of BioCoop (a French chain of organic produce shops) for the nuts which they sell loose so we could get small quantities in case we decided never to cook Nut Roast again! We chose cashews, hazelnuts and walnuts, and got the ground almonds there too. Whole nuts were cheaper than pre-chopped so I prepped them earlier in the day by rolling a wooden rolling pin over their paper bag until the nuts were crushed into small enough pieces. This only took a few minutes and was easy to do.

I also made the breadcrumbs earlier by rubbing a couple of stale wholemeal bread crusts across our cheese grater. Again, this only took a few minutes and I managed not to grate my fingers! I guess blitzing the nuts then the bread separately in a food processor would also work, but we don't have one and for these small quantities it's probably not worth the washing up.

Preheat the oven to 180-200c.
Nut Roast after baking 

Put the diced onion and oil into a frying pan and cook over a medium heat until the onion has softened and is translucent.

Transfer the onion to a mixing bowl and add all the other ingredients. Stir together thoroughly, then press the mixture into an ovenproof dish. My little Le Creuset dish was the perfect size.

Bake at 180-200c for 30 minutes.

Serve hot with vegetables of your choice. We had mushrooms and courgette, plus mini roast potatoes as the oven was going to be on anyway. The potatoes were a bit much with all the Nut Roast though so I think we would just have veggies next time.

Both Dave and I really enjoyed this Nut Roast. A tip for myself for next time would be to just add a scant teaspoon of Marmite rather than an overloaded one - the taste was a bit too strong. Otherwise delicious!

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  1. Important note regarding the nuts for this recipe: make sure that they're absolutely not sugared!! We got caught out today having unwittingly bought a pack of chopped nuts that listed caramelised sugar in very small print in the ingredients, but nowhere else on the box. Grrr! Sugar does not work in a Nut Roast :-(