Monday, 5 October 2015

Taking time to relax in Hailsham

It feels a bit strange to have pitched up at a campsite we have visited
My first woven item! 
before and in an area we know so well that there's no exploring to do. Driving into Eastbourne for lunch with my family on Sunday, I was almost surprised that everything looked exactly the same as when we left. Having had pretty much constant new experiences all summer, this repeat is baffling! On closer view, of course, Hailsham and Eastbourne haven't stood completely still and there seems to be an incredible surge of house building all over the place. I hope the already creaking infrastructure will be able to cope. We have noticed a sharp increase in traffic volumes in Sussex compared to other parts of the country.

The aforementioned lunch (Thanks Dad!) was at a good seafront cafe / bistro next to Eastbourne's Fisherman's Club. I had previously heard of The Beach Deck but hadn't visited before and we were both impressed. Despite being busy, the staff were efficient and friendly and the food was excellent. I had Grilled Halloumi with quinoa and Dave had a Naked Burger (meaning without a bread bun) with cheese, bacon and thick cut chips. A laid back atmosphere was provided by the presence of live music. Local guitarist and singer Charlie Tipler played beautifully throughout the two hours we were there.

We haven't been too lazy during our first nearly-a-week in Hailsham. I have caught up on book reviews and Dave got to play tennis again which he was very happy about. We have our fingers crossed that the rain will stop for Tuesday and Thursday mornings as these are his next two club sessions. Tomorrow evening we have a gig - the fabulous Danny Schmidt is playing a house concert nearby - so we are very much looking forward to seeing him again. I've nearly learned all the words to his most recent album, Owls! There are only three other gigs left on his UK tour - Easton, Abingdon and Glasgow - and details are on Danny's website.

And, as you saw from the picture at the top of this post, I have already
Learn To Weave kit 
got the hang of basic weaving. It's a wonderfully relaxing pastime and I think when I get more proficient that I will be able to multitask by listening to my audiobooks at the same time. Yay me! My completed project is a hanging organiser which enabled me to clear some of the clutter from under our front window. It is both useful and garishly cheery! I am now working on a book bag to protect my current paperback in my rucksack and am thinking about trying to create items from recycled and repurposed materials too. If you're interested in trying out weaving too, this is the kit that I got from The Works in Weymouth, but I couldn't see it on their website anywhere so its great price probably means it was end of line. There are lots of similar offerings (at a wide range of prices!) on Etsy and on Amazon.

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