Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A weekend in London - Sunday in East Dulwich

There is a significant protest movement againt the gentrification of
Dia de los Muertos biscuits 
several London boroughs, Brixton - the subject of my post yesterday - being one where the inhabitants are finding themselves forced out by rising rents and property prices. Dulwich village obviously isn't likely to have that problem any time soon as it's always been posh! However East Dulwich is another place that has been on the up in recent years. We took the bus there from Tulse Hill and it is incredible to see the narrow streets that London bus drivers can manage to navigate!

I also learned that London bus fares are now paid by contactless debit card so it didn't matter that my Oystercard has practically no funds. Important note for other travellers though: London bus drivers can't accept cash for the fare. You will need some variety of plastic.

East Dulwich has some gorgeous shops and restaurants! We spent a while exclaiming in Mrs Robinson which stocks fabulous retro homewares. There are also posh cookware shops and a great place called Lush Designs which has mostly printed lampshades and fabric items. I did make an affordable purchase (wools) in a huge charity shop - St Christopher's - which helps to fund a hospice. The High Street is quite long so browsing and window shopping was a lovely Sunday morning activity. We even got to have a good laugh at the prices at Foxton's which is an upmarket estate agent with what looks like a bar for clients within the shop. Carrie told us that the Brixton branch is usually the first place to get trashed during riots and the ostentatiousness means I can understand why!

We got lucky with our lunch choice as we spotted a board directing us
Blue Brick Cafe 
away from the main road to the Blue Brick Cafe. This eyecatching blue tiled building is on Felbrigg Road and serves vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Between us we sampled the soup, the veggie breakfast and the Einkorn pancakes. I think the pancakes won, but that was my choice! My accompanying salad featured tasty flower petals which the cafe source from local urban farm project, Keats Community Organics. I snapped up a couple of the Dia de los Muertos jammy biscuits for later too! The staff were friendly and efficient and the cafe decor is relaxed with lots of vintage teapots on the shelves.

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