Sunday, 13 September 2015

Top Five Etsy Finds - First Anniversary (paper)

In honour of our one year CaravAnniversary last week, I have decided to
Vintage map origami clock by GiftedPapers 
theme my Etsy Finds post for September around First Anniversary gifts. There is a mind-blowing array of unique and individual gifts on Etsy for every anniversary and many aren't just for celebrating weddings! I have chosen my favourite five paper creations - items that really stood out as unusual and quirky to me - because paper is the traditional material associated with first anniversaries. I hope you will enjoy looking through them. If you would like to share your own Top Five too, details of how to do so are at the end of this post.

My first selection is a Vintage Map Origami Clock pictured above and made by GiftedPapers in America. This particular clock features a street map of Berlin but if a different location is more appropriate, GiftedPapers are happy for buyers to send in their own map for customisation. I thought this clock gift was perfectly suited to our current celebration as it combines the anniversary and travel themes. It also utilises recycled material which is important to me.
Quilled Paper Necklace by SbirOtak 
Jewellery is my second choice and I love this Bulgarian made Quilled Paper Necklace by SbirOtak. The vibrant colours are truly eyecatching and the artistry is superb. SbirOtak recommend not wearing their paper jewellery for bathing and, although the quills are varnished for some protection and longevity, perhaps rainy days should be avoided too! I think the necklace would look stunning with an understated strappy dress or even to jazz up a simple everyday outfit.
Paper cactus by JoyfulArray 
A perfect plant for those of us who don't have green fingers next! I think one of these little Origami Cacti would be an ideal addition to our caravan as it wouldn't mind getting super hot on sunny days, there would be no risk of finding earth everywhere if the pot capsized in transit and, of course, my forgetting to water it wouldn't be a disaster. I love how the intricate paper folds really do mirror the spiky leafed shape of the living plants, and the extra detail of the folded paper earth is fun too. Hannah Ng at JoyfulArray makes several varieties of paper cacti in Liverpool, England. She has been into origami since she was five years old when she was first shown a few simple folds and made a traditional crane bird. Forward fast a few years and Hannah now also makes beautiful flowers and paper bouquets for the bride who wants something different.
Sunflower bowl by PaperPrezzies 
We are setting out overseas again for my fourth pick, this time to Guatemala where Dawn Connelly of PaperPrezzies makes gorgeous bowls and pots from brightly coloured papier mache. This particular one is a Sunflower design. We saw a garden of sunflowers a few days ago - I can't remember now if it was in Tavistock or Calstock - and everyone who saw them smiled! Dawn is a British traveller too having lived in America, Canada and on a sailboat before making her home on the side of Lake Atitlan.
Butterfly Wall Art by PaperButterfliesM 
Maps feature again in my fifth and final choice which is Butterfly Wall Art. Melanie Fisher at PaperButterfliesM will centre a framed repurposed map on a location of your choice and embellish it with elegant origami butterflies (or elephants or cranes). Melanie is based in London, England and has grown her business up from a hobby. She loves working with different types of paper and has even tried out making her own with the hope of being able to work with her own handmade paper in the future.

I loved searching out my Top Five Paper Anniversary finds on Etsy and sharing them with you. If you would like to curate your own top five, why not link your blog post, pinterest board or Etsy treasury back here? Any anniversary themed Etsy items could be included - they don't have to just be paper - or maybe you could use an important element of your own anniversary as a starting point. And items from any of the global Etsy sites are fine - it doesn't have to be Etsy UK.

I haven't made a link back compulsory this month, although it would be appreciated if you do. Last month's Bronze theme didn't get any links which was a shame, but did get hundreds of page views which was great! I will keep the linky list open for three weeks again and the twitter hashtag with which to catch my attention is #myetsyfive

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