Tuesday, 8 September 2015

It's our One Year CaravAnniversary!

One year ago today we moved into our compact Bailey Orion caravan, set
Standing stones at Carnac, France
September 2014 
out on our glorious adventure and we haven't looked back! Well hardly!

I've been struggling to think of a suitably commemorative post because we have done and seen so much that narrowing down by theme involves too many impossible decisions! Best walks? Prettiest towns? Most gory histories? Cutest teashops?!

After much consideration I have decided on one photo for each month: a memorable and eyecatching image. Dave is compiling his own dozen for tomorrow's post and we've both thoroughly enjoyed looking back over an incredible year. I have linked each photo to its blog post, so do click through because there was always far more to every month than a single photograph can convey.

Dune du Pyla, France
October 2014 

Wall mural in Xabia, Spain
November 2014 

Shoe sculpture in Torrevieja, Spain
December 2014 

View over Mojacar, Spain
January 2015 

Birds over Roquetas beach, Spain
February 2015 

Oradour Sur Glane, France
March 2015 

Shadow Of A Wanderer by Ana Pacheco,
Norwich Cathedral, England
, April 2015 

View up to Calver Edge, Derwent Valley, England
May 2015 

Whitby Abbey, England
June 2015 

Hadrian's Wall, England
July 2015 

Dingle Garden, Shrewsbury, England
August 2015

Fantastic memories every one! It seems as though everywhere we have visited has taken one name off our bucket list, but enabled us to discover the existence of at least another half dozen places that we would love to go. I can't wait to get another year started!

"I'm always homesick for the journey" (S.C.Barrus)

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