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Lime and coriander tofu skewers recipe

As promised when I blogged my first cooking-with-tofu attempt,
Lime and coriander tofu skewers 
Tamarind tofu curry, here is the recipe for my second cooking-with-tofu attempt! Both were successful so it is safe to read on!

This lime and coriander marinade recipe is another that I have adapted from its original chicken ingredient. I left the tofu cubes refrigerated in the marinade all day - about eight hours - and they absorbed lots of the flavour in that time. I cooked them, basted in marinade, but suspended above my Le Creuset dish so they crisped lightly on all sides, and baked courgette/zucchini slices in the remaining marinade. (A few slivers of lime zest did burn!) Next time I do this I might try baking the tofu still in the marinade and see what happens then, but I did like the contrast of the tofu firmness and the fresh, summery courgette.

As courgette is so in season at the moment, I am adding this recipe to August' Seasonal Kitchen linkup over at The Stile Guide.


1 lime, juice and zest
2 tbs coriander leaf
2 tbsp good quality runny honey
1 garlic clove, finely chopped or crushed
1 tsp low salt soy sauce
2 tbsp rapeseed oil
1/2 tsp ground ginger
250g pack Dragonfly plain tofu
Courgette/zucchini, sliced into rounds

Wooden or metal kebab skewers

Remove the tofu from its packaging, wrap it in several layers of kitchen roll, and put it between two chopping boards. Balance something heavyish on top. I used four china side plates. You want the weight to be enough to squeeze more water out of the tofu block, but not so much that it is squashed flat.

While the tofu is pressing, make up the marinade. Halve and juice the lime, then scrape off as much zest as you can manage with a vegetable peeler. I loathe zesting fruit and wish someone would start selling citrus fruit zest pieces in oil like they do with prechopped garlic.

Talking of which, peel and chop the garlic clove. Add another clove if you like a strong garlic flavour.

Put the lime juice and zest and the garlic into a dish that will just be big enough for the tofu, but not so big that the marinade won't reach at least halfway up the tofu cubes.

Add the remaining marinade ingredients: coriander, honey, soy sauce, rapeseed oil and ginger. Mix well to combine. Fresh coriander and grated ginger would be great if you have them. I used our delicious new Chain Bridge Honey Farm honey and a lovely Scottish Borders rapeseed oil. You could use olive oil instead.

After twenty minutes of pressing, which for me included rewrapping the tofu in the dry parts of the kitchen roll half way through, slice the block into inch cubes. Place the cubes in the marinade, turning and basting them until all sides are coated. Cover the dish with cling film and leave for as long as possible - all day is ideal.

Preheat oven to 180-200c. Alternatively, I think the tofu might barbecue well, but I haven't tried it myself so am not sure how long that would take to cook the cubes through.

Remove the tofu cubes from the marinade and thread them onto skewers. Pour remaining marinade into an ovenproof dish and arrange the courgette slices, basting them with the marinade.

Position the loaded skewers over the dish. Baste with any remaining marinade. Bake at for 30-40 mins or until the tofu is cooked through and with crisping edges. Serve hot.

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