Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Steamed salmon with pistachio pesto recipe

Dave does a delicious salmon with pesto recipe which he cooks in the griddle pan with
Steaming salmon with lettuce 
white wine and serves with pasta. I saw a different version with similar flavours in the Steaming! by Annette Yates book. She makes her own pesto. I don't! The steaming was a lovely way to cook the salmon which left it with a delicate flavour and perfect texture.

Salmon fillet portions
Large lettuce leaves to cover base of steamer tray
Pesto (SuperU had a pistachio pesto which looked, and is, very tasty with a stronger nut flavour than a pine nut pesto, but any one would be fine)

Lay the lettuce leaves in a single layer across the steamer base and partly up the sides. Lay the salmon on the lettuce.
Put 1 tbsp of pesto per person into a small steamable pot on the second steamer tier and close the lid.

Steam until the fish is cooked though. Yates said ten minutes but our thicker fillets took closer to twenty.

Serve with the hot pesto spooned over the salmon. We had ours with new potatoes and the nice green beans we got from the Carnac market. Apparently the lettuce is also edible still but ours was now pretty wilted so I didn't serve it up.

This is a quick, easy recipe and particularly good for caravan cooking as our compact Russell Hobbs Compact Steamer is only 400w.


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