Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Carnac market and triathlon and visiting Auray

Sunday morning was a busy one for us. We took a stroll into Carnac town centre for their market and were very impressed with not only the quantity but also the quality of the stalls. There was chic clothing, plants, general oddments, loads of food, and practically no tat at all! As we had promised ourselves, we got stuck into shopping and came away with a heavy rucksack full of food including two types of chorizo-type sausage and lots of veg - salad, potatoes, gorgeous tomatoes, very fine green beans - plus fresh bread. A couple of the stallholders were wearing the same style of hat as in the bottom photo of this post. Do you know who the man is? Juan Lorca Garcia has been suggested but I'm not sure. After all that talking and mostly in our bestest French, we took a moment to sit with a coffee and were lucky enough to be right by the route as the cycling part of the Carnac triathlon zoomed past. The field was already pretty strung out after their swim leg and we were just at the top of a hill so some looked pretty tired already.

Les alignments of standing stones at Carnac 

I like the slim tower on
this Carnac town house 

Do you know this man?
Street art in Carnac 
Monday morning saw me still pretty lurgified (I'm feeling better now), so we waited until the afternoon for our visit to the nearby town of Auray. There are some very picturesque old buildings down on the riverside and, for motorhomers, a dedicated parking spot near the town centre. Historically, the castle has been there for a thousandish years and there are a series of placards detailing fighting against the English (as always) in the 1300s. Later, Bejamin Franklin even came to Auray to try and enlist French help in the War of Independence (yep, against us again!).

We took a wander along the riverbank looking at the moored boats, then set out up a cobbled hill which was practically all little boutique art shops on either side. Auray is proud of its artists and some of their work was even to our taste too! I saw a Sancho Panza that would perfectly complement the Don Quixote we saw in Valoria La Buena last year.

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