Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Goodbye to grotty old bakeware

A nice surprise was waiting for me when I got home from work today! A set of silicon
Let's get baking 

I have been accumulating points on which is like a reward thing for shopping online, except I normally just do the surveys and watch the videos so it takes ages to build up points. Anyway, a month or so ago, when I baked another fruitcake, we noticed that where the loaf tin creases in the corners, it is getting 'past its best'. I had vaguely thought about replacing it, but not actually done anything about it. Then, scrolling through the Maximiles rewards, there was this VonShef set of silicon bakeware - a loaf tin, a dozen little cupcake cases, two round cake tins, a spatula, pastry brush and icing cone. I love the bright colours which make me feel joyful even before I reach for a recipe book. Plus everything is much lighter than metalware so ideal for caravanners-in-waiting.

Perfectamuntyminty (as we sometimes say around here).

I've already put the icing cone in the charity shop bag because I'm unlikely to ever use that and the spatula may follow it shortly. I can finally give my sister back her cupcake cases that I've had for getting on for a decade. Perhaps that's why she hasn't baked for me in a while? However the loaf tin is perfect. The two round cake tins seem huge - 9 inch diameter and twice as deep as sandwich cake tins. So I guess that will be a double Boterkoek batch then!

And what shoul a cake tin be called when it isn't made of tin?

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