Friday, 18 April 2014

Happy Easter!

Did you manage to catch some of the sunshine this week? It was even lovely this morning, despite being the start of a Bank Holiday weekend which normally means continuous rain! Dave dusted off our elegant garden table and chairs set for the decking. I love the blue colour against the green of the plants and especially the pinks of the crab apple blossom, but by the time I took this photo the sun had gone in so it doesn't quite have the full effect. If the cloud clears away later, I might take another picture. 

I've had two weeks of part-time work now and was pleasantly surprised to be paid today seeing that it is Good Friday. But the money arrived at +First Direct this morning so well done to Recruitment South East for that. I think I've only got two days work next week but hopefully something full time will be offered soon. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy the sun! By our standards, we've been in quite the social whirl since we got back and the pace shows no signs of easing up yet. Three 'engagements' this weekend alone so I'll be drained by Tuesday! 

We had managed to avoid all Easter spending until this morning when I was diverted from my search for octopus (In Hailsham. There wasn't any and we want to make the Italian Stewed Octopus we enjoyed while were away.) by bunny-eared crumpets at +Asda. So cute! And only a pound for four! I know I am far too easily influenced by seasonal food gimmicks. +Will Torrent tweeted a recipe for making a pudding with left-over hot cross buns yesterday. Looks delicious but I'm have trouble with the 'left-over' concept. Not in this house! I found the pictured Spring flower cupcakes last weekend where @Jillscupcakes had taken a stall at St John's in Polegate as part of a craft fayre for +St Wilfrids Hospice. Lovely cakes and eaten in aid of a great cause. Jilly is often to be seen selling cakes at various fairs around this area. The link goes to her twitter feed so you can find out where she'll be next!

A query to finish. Does anyone know of a cafe or coffee shop in Hailsham that has a book exchange shelf? There's Central Eating and Beanzz Coffee in Eastbourne but I could have done with one in Hailsham today and couldn't think of anywhere. Not that I've managed much reading this month. April's Month In Books post is going to be sparse.

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