Thursday, 24 October 2013

Two new 75 word paragraphs

random photo of a dead tree seen during a walk
this summer, probably not relevant to the post
unless you see a hidden meaning! 
Did you read my Paragraph Planet post in July? I'm planning to do a lot more writing during our travels and the discipline of this kind of literary exercise is great for honing skills. I've been reading +M. A. Barr on Google+ recently. He has set himself the task of completing a 100 word piece of writing every day and I am finding the project fascinating from a reader's point of view as well. I remember Eastbourne poet Laura Crean undertook a similar writing marathon back in the Spring when she wrote a poem a day for National Poetry Month. I'm not so ambitious, yet, but have composed these two 75 word pieces over the last few days. 

This first is an autumnal paragraph and was inspired by being left high and anything but dry during yesterday's early morning downpour.

Is it always the way that the first raindrops fall near to the bus stop, my dry house with its umbrella left several minutes behind? The next stop along has a shelter. My bus may arrive any time. Do I race through the downpour, risk being stranded between signs. Do I wait, slowly soaking through. Is it always the way that the bus is cancelled when the rain is heaviest, the decision hardest to take?

I have tried to make the second more like poetry in style although it's subject matter, a simple noticeboard, is pretty unpoetic. Thanks to Nathalie for the pomander inspiration!

The wall is boldly orange, garish, brash, attention grabbing;
pomander studded with rusted drawing pin cloves;
advertisements, announcements, promises;
many losses, nothing found;
a horizontal heap of curling corners, ripped and worn;
notice me, I’m unbelievable value, notice me, I’m cheap;
maniacally grinning stick men; gaudy colours, competing fonts;
lose lbs and pounds, play a game, join a class, meet new friends right here;
you alone can save the world for just £3 a month.

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