Saturday, 23 February 2013

Another blog?

Another blog?


If you don't know me, I already write for Theatrical Eastbourne, a daily blog of all things cultural in the Eastbourne area. This takes an hour or two of my time pretty much every day so the thought of embarking on another such enterprise might seem overkill. It probably is, but I am finding there are are things about which I would like to write that don't fit within the confines of Theatrical Eastbourne. Sometimes I just want to write for the hell of it.

That's what this blog will be for.

And it's going to start with the revelation of a guilty pleasure!

I've just finished an audio book that I especially enjoyed. It was an abridged version of The Convenient Marriage by the queen of Regency novels, Georgette Heyer, and the best part of the experience is that it was read by Richard Armitage. You might know him as Guy Of Gisborne or Lucas North, or even Thorin Oakenshield if you had the misfortune to sit through The (bloody) Hobbit. You might not know him as a fabulous narrator. But he's really good - recognisably different voices, tons of emotion and definitely swoon-worthy on some of Heyer's more melodramatic lines!
The storyline twists and turns, throwing up a few surprises along the way. Unfortunately, being abridged the supporting characters' storylines are missing, but this does make for a fast-paced listen with lots of action. Expect abductions, highwaymen, duels and plenty of misunderstandings caused by English stiff-upper-lippedness!
This is the second Armitage-read Heyer I've bought and liked, the other being Sylvester, and unfortunately there's only Venetia left to hear. I'm rationing myself but am not sure how long I'll wait ...

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